What the Parents Say About Our Classes

''I have sent all three of my children to C.A.UK and have watched all of them blossom in their confidence, self esteem and self belief. The instructors lead the classes with great skill and show respect to all which makes them excellent role models. Over the 13 years or so that I have attended the weekly classes and watched my children grow and learn I have come to understand that C.A.UK is about so much more than just learning a martial art . It is about discipline and control and making positive choices in your life, not being afraid to try and it is also like a big friendly supportive family where EVERYONE is cheering you on and encouraging you to be the best you can be''  Samantha Taylor - Windsor... 

"Both of my children attend combat academy every Friday evening. My son started last June, I sent him in the hope that it would help with his behaviour, in previous years, clubs had not kept him longer than a few weeks due to his poor concentration and behaviour. I thought i'd give it one last attempt. Master Ian was great with him and was very persistent. After a few weeks, within the class my son seemed to understand the rules and tried to stick by them. After learning that some children had confidence issues, I wondered if it may also benefit my daughter attending who suffers from anxiety and lack of confidence. After long discussions she agreed to try it. She has been attending since August, her anxiety and confidence is still an issue but she has made progress in these areas.
Master Ian, Cobi and the other members have dealt with both my childrens complex needs brilliantly and I cant thank them enough. They understand that all children are different and cope differently but they make time for them all" Gemma - Bracknell...

"Today my son turned 7 and after attending The Combat Academy UK for over a year now and also attending the half term combat camps he was eager to have Ian create a Combat style birthday Party.... and boy did Ian deliver!

We hired the local hall at a very reasonable rate and Ian did the rest! Nerf guns, bullets and goggles provided... the boys had the time of their lives. After playing some dodge ball the boys had two teams and made their own team bases and battle commenced!

This is the perfect birthday for any active child... the kids loved it and I got to sit and drink tea while Ian took over!

I can't thank him enough... my son honestly had his best birthday to date"  Zoe Pocock -  Bracknell


Physical & Social Development

We believe that Martial Arts training is an important part of the physical and social development of children and young adults. Our junior sessions is carefully structured to deliver the very best guidance to them.

  • Respect is one of the core values of Martial Arts training, we emphasise the development of discipline and courtesy in all of our young students.
  • We help to develop confidence and strength of character by providing the necessary skills to stand up to peer pressure and other intimidating situations.
  • The movements and general agility skills within the Martial Arts help to develop co-ordination, strength and flexibility.
  • We believe that the positive sense of achievement and accomplishment is developed as each of our students progresses to higher grades and belts. Training for, and passing the belt grading enhances the powers of concentration and helps to overcome any learning hurdles. Training in the Martial Arts is an excellent reinforcement to their study at school.
  • Our training structure also includes some light contact free sparring in a controlled environment. This helps to develop a keen sense of fair play and sportsmanship.
  • Ju Jitsu is an excellent method of self defence, however, we make it clear to all participants that they must not use their combat skills outside of the training environment. We believe that Martial arts training develops a child and a young adult in such a way that they do not need to bully or show off to other children.
  • Our Martial Arts programme is a positive way to burn off any extra energy, and our 'Black belt brain' Filipino stick work is an excellent way to help developing brains! We use the fundamental series of Paul McCarthy's Cognitive Kali principles please follow the link to be fascinated!

Our Schools Martial Arts Programme

We run sessions at Schools and Colleges around the timetable. We have a proven record of providing well attended sessions in term time blocks. If you would like to know more about our Schools programme, just click here and outline your requirements to us.

Master Ian's Combat Camps & Birthday Parties!

Our Combat Camp is ideal for hardworking parents who need someone who they can trust to keep their children entertained for a day (or two) during the School Holidays...

We have been running our camps for a few years now and they are very popular with children of all ages. Our camps are great fun, lead by experienced co-ordinators (Including Master Ian...) with loads of energy, they’re entertaining and non-stop! Your child is constantly supervised and will never be left to entertain themselves!

We can also offer a condensed version of our fantastic combat camps as a birthday party package! Combat based activities, indoor archery, NERF wars for up to 30 children! Contact us for more information and prices.