Our Fighting method has four elements...

  • JU-JITSU The first has its heritage in the oldest and most effective of all the Martial Arts. JU-JITSU is practised by millions of people worldwide today, its popularity due to its practical applications and its fascinating concepts and philosophy. Training in the Martial Art of Ju-Jitsu will give you an all round combat ability. We teach a proven structure that covers the core aspects of combat from learning about the physical structure of the body and how postures and stances affect your movement and lines of strength and power to being able to fight on the ground.
  • KICK BOXING We cater for all aspects of combat at the Academy, from the traditional methods and techniques that hold credible heritage, to light contact continuous contact sparring. Our sparring sessions are physically demanding and will get you into the very peak of fitness. With an emphasis on control, the sparring sessions are a must for all serious practitioners who truly are warriors at heart.
  • NOGI FIGHTING (GROUND FIGHTING) Fighting on the ground or as is sometimes described 'off your back' is a popular element within our sessions, highly technical in application and great fun!
  • FILIPINO MARTIAL ARTS Often described as the original 'Mixed Martial Art' the Philippines have a rich history of fighting arts with influences from all of the world and dating back centuries. We extract elements such as the Kali stick and the open hand principles giving even more dimension to our teaching!

Getting Started with the Academy

Our public sessions will accept newcomers and beginners at any time. All that is needed is some loose comfortable clothing, as the session will involve some degree of physical activity. You will also need to be fit and well. If for any reason you feel that the activity may not be suitable, just contact our co-ordinator on the telephone listed for an informal chat. It is always a good idea to consult your Doctor as to your suitability to take up any physical activity including Martial Arts. Especially if you have been inactive for a period of time.    

Learning our fighting system will teach you:

  • Methods of Punching, Kicking and Striking
  • Throws, locks and takedowns
  • 'nogi' Ground Fighting
  • Kickboxing
  • Defence against weapon attacks


Training Fees and Academy membership

We have a varied timetable of classes in your local area. A full timetable is available for you to peruse, which includes training venues, as well as times and contact telephone numbers of the club instructors.

You may pay for your training as a course that suits your timetable or on a casual basis, whichever is most convenient to you. On the third lesson that you attend you will need to decide if you wish to commit yourself to your training by completing your application and paying your yearly fee which you will find listed on the application form.