A class for all to enjoy. Whether you are looking to simply get fit, increase your confidence by learning a self defence discipline or you wish to take it that step further and compete/grade, we accommodate and encourage all. A balance of kick boxing and Jujitsu (stand up and ground fighting) can be seen throughout the year and within each class.

Monday Evenings

Ju jitsu (children) Class Times: 6.30-7.30

Kickboxing (adults) Class Times: 7.30-8.30
Place: Holly Spring School, Lily Hill Road, Bracknell,
RG12 2SW

Tuesday Evenings

Ju jitsu (children) Class Times: 6.30-7.30

Place: Binfield Primary School, Benetfeld Road, Binfield.

Mobile: 07783 428240

E-mail: Andrew-furnell@hotmail.co.uk