Private lessons with Ian Gauldie

We currently have limited spaces available for one to one sessions with Master Ian. Holder of the World Self Defence title for two years, and winner of 17 national demonstration championship titles from a 12 year competition reign. Ian is Master Instructor to 700 students in the Academy. Classes are available for Self Defence, Ju - Jitsu, Filipino Martial Arts, MMA and ground work as well as Kickboxing. Ian has successfully trained athletes to International success over the past 30 years and holds numerous community awards including the Chamber of commerce Sports Personality of the year previously for services to the Martial Arts, and is a member of the United Kingdom Martial arts Hall of Fame.

From absolute beginners to high ranking experts, sessions are bookable (subject to availability) in the Windsor, Bracknell and Slough area or his full time personal training Studio in the Bracknell area.

Please email CAUK Bookings and we will contact you to discuss your requirements.


Testimonial – Ben Palmer

I have recently re-joined Combat Academy after a 14 year absence.  In order to get my rather rusty skill set up to speed I decided to work with CA’s head instructor Ian Gauldie on a one to one basis.  These sessions have proved a revelation and I feel very humbled to have the opportunity to learn from Ian.  Every week Ian is raising my game, I am learning and discovering new things each time I train.  It’s a genuine privilege being taught by a subject matter expert.  As a person Ian is very approachable, helping me to learn at an appropriate yet stretching pace.  As a coach he full of encouragement.  I feel he believes in me which makes learning so much easier and fun.  Considering Ian’s unrivalled 30 year martial arts track record he is extremely modest.  He is immensely articulate & knowledgeable and has an encyclopaedic memory on all things martial arts.  For me these sessions are more than just the physical activity, it’s also about learning from Ian’s philosophy and outlook, which is helping me to have clarity about my own goals and challenges in life.  I would unreservedly recommend Ian and his personal training sessions.  An opportunity to learn from a world class martial artist and genuinely nice guy is not to be missed!


Testimonial - Chris Lound

I’ve been with C.A.UK for 6 years and am approaching the point in my martial arts career where I’m thinking about grading for black belt.  I wanted to ensure that I’m on top of my game as possible. I’ve had classroom training with Master Ian for a number of years so already knew the quality of his lessons so for me personal training was a no brainer. Each session provides expert guidance in all 3 areas of the art – Kickboxing with superb pad work drills which has helped me increase speed and technique, ground work which has helped me with ground transitions and positions and also high grade traditional Ju Jitsu enabling me to increase my understanding of the art.  This is all delivered with a great passion and fantastic humour making each lesson fly by!

I would recommend personal training for every grade student from beginner to senior – It’s a fantastic experience!

Testimonial - Jane White

I have been training with Ian for more years than I can remember.  Each session is informative, inspiring, supportive and  has helped me reach the level I’m at in both Kickboxing and Kali.  His knowledge in martial arts and boxing is never ending as is his thirst for furthering his skills.

Just beware of his jokes!


Testimonial - Ben Marlow

Training one to one with Ian is something that I will be doing as long as I can raise my arms and legs! My technical ability has undeniably improved at a rate I never thought was even possible. Training with Ian/Combat Academy UK isn’t a pointless exercise designed to burn calories. It’s a lesson in the history of the art of combat and I can honestly say that his encyclopaedic knowledge never ceases to amaze me. I learn more with Ian when I am not throwing kicks or punches than when I am. It’s more than flinging your arms and legs around, it’s learning what the old warriors learned before us, brought up into the modern day. Ian is an incredible teacher, sensei and mentor to me.