Established in 1989, COMBAT ACADEMY U.K enjoys an excellent reputation for our informative and enjoyable classes. Our sessions are ideal for people of any age who wish to gain knowledge of practical fighting techniques and principles in a safe, friendly and professional environment. Our aim is to provide an exiting and practical combat system which is practical and challenging to learn and participate in. Our philosophy reaches much further than the physical aspects of the Martial Arts. We aim to build confidence, self worth and self respect and assist all participants towards personal excellence both in training and daily life.

Our Integrated Training Methods

Our Fighting method has four elements, the first, has its heritage in the oldest and most effective of all the Martial Arts.


Ju-Jitsu is practiced by millions of people worldwide today, it's popularity due to its practical applications and its fascinating concepts and philosophy. Training in the Martial Art of Ju Jitsu will give you an all round combat ability. We teach a proven structure that covers the core aspects of combat from learning about the physical structure of the body and how postures and stances effect your movement and lines of strength and power to being able to fight on the ground.


We cater for all aspects of combat at the Academy, from the traditional methods and techniques that hold credible heritage, to light contact continuous contact sparring. Our sparring sessions are physically demanding and will get you into the very peak of fitness. With an emphasis on control, the sparring sessions are a must for all serious practitioners that truly are warriors at heart.

Nogi Fighting (Ground Fighting)

Nogi fighting on the ground or as is sometimes described 'off your back' is a popular element within our sessions, highly technical in application and great fun!

Filipino Martial Arts

Often described as the original 'Mixed Martial Art' the Philippines have a rich mixture of arts dating back centuries all battle proven. We extract particular elements such as the Filipino stick and the open hand influences offering yet another fascinating element to our teaching.