The Caversham club is taught by Robert Avery, CAUK's second highest ranking black belt instructor.
It is a very friendly club with a relaxed attitude suited to Sunday mornings. Don't be fooled, however, into thinking that "relaxed" means "lax": a marked feature of every CAUK grading is the high standard of technique shown by all Robert's students, and many of CAUK's best black belts originally trained at Caversham.
The club trains in both the kickboxing and ju-jitsu side of our art, concentrating on one or the other in each quarter. Generally, kickboxing is the order of the day from January to March; ju-jitsu from April through to June; back to kickboxing for the summer; and then finishing the year with ju-jitsu for the run up to the winter grading.
Kickboxing sessions are either about technique (using focus mitts, bags and live drills) or feature a kickboxing circuit designed to jelly the legs and arms of the hardiest individual...including Robert himself, who can often be heard feebly calling for oxygen after the first couple of rounds.
Ju-jitsu sessions consist of a detailed study of both the principles and the performance of a wide range of techniques from both on and off the CAUK syllabus. Strikes, break-outs, throws, sweeps, takedowns, locks, chokes and ground fighting are all mixed in: with an almost scientific approach to training that encompasses and brings together both the "martial" and the "art" side of what we do.
The Reflex is a small but smart fitness centre, with full facilities including a sauna in each changing room. One thing: it is quite difficult to find! It is actually above the Waitrose supermarket in Caversham High Street, so you need to find the arch by the AA shop, drive under it, and park in the main Waitrose carpark. The stairs up to the Reflex are clearly visible as you walk towards the store. Just turn up about ten minutes before the class wearing whatever you'd normally wear to the gym. More details about the centre can be found at:


Class Times: 11.45am to 1.45pm

Place: Reflex Health & Fitness Club, Archway Road, Caversham, Reading.

Tel: 01344 311131